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Sunday School

Study diligently, and pray unceasingly that God will speak to you through His Holy Word.

Creation and Salvation

Unit I:  The Savior is Born 

Instructor:    Dr. Gregory Alexander III  

                               Deacon Willie Clayton

04   Dec.  The Promise of a Savior———————————————————————   ————Luke 1:26-38

11   Dec.  The Promise Affirmed——————————————————————————-Luke 1:39-56

18  Dec. The forerunner of the Savior———————————————————————–Isa. 40:21-31

25  Dec.  The Savior’s Birth (Christmas)———————————————————————Luke 2:8-20



Unit II:  All Creation Praises God

Instructor: Dr. Gregory Alexander III  

                             Deacon Willie Clayton

01  Jan.  Praising God the Creator ——————————————————————————-Ps. 33:1-9 

08  Jan.  All Creation Joins in Praise—————————————————————————Ps. 96:1-6, 10-13

15 Jan.   Praise God the Provider———————————————————————————Ps. 65:1-2, 9-13 

22  Jan.  Praise for the Creator’s Wisdom——————————————————————————-Ps. 104:1-4, 24-30

29  Jan.  All Creation Praises the Lord———————————————————————————–Ps. 148:1-14

Unit III: The Church Is Born

Instructor: Dr. Gregory Alexander III

                           Deacon Willie Clayton

05  Feb.  Heirs of the Promise——————————————————————————-Gal. 3:26–4:7  

12  Feb.  Delivered from Bondage——————————————————————————-Gal. 4:8-20

19  Feb.  Freedom from Bondage———————————————————————————————–Gal. 5:1-17

26  Feb.  Holy Living in the Spirit—————————————————————————————–Gal. 5:18–6:10

 To receive a greater understanding of God’s word we encourage you to read the chapter before and the entire chapter for each week’s lesson.

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Service Times & Directions

Sunday Schedule

New Members Class: 9:00 am (1st Sunday as announced)

Sunday School: 9:30 am

Sunday Morning Worship: 11:00 am

Casual Sunday: 3rd Sunday of the month

Weekday Schedule

Wednesday Prayer Meeting: 6:30 pm

Wednesday Bible Study: 7:00 pm

Board of Deacons Meeting: 7:00 pm (2nd Friday of the month)

Young Women's Ministry: 5:30 pm (3rd Friday of the month)

Mature Women's Ministry: 7:00 pm (3rd Friday of the month)

Saturday Schedule

Choir Rehearsal: 4:00 pm

Brotherhood Meeting: 8:30 am (1st Saturday of the month)

Usher Board Meeting: 1:00 pm (2nd Saturday of the month)

Youth Ministry Meeting: 1:00 pm (4th Friday of the month)

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