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Mission Department

You did not choose me, but I chose you, and appointed you to go and bear much fruit.   John 15: 16


Mission Statement: To faithfully execute the mission of Mt. Calvary MBC through prayer and supplication, to evangelize the lost and respond to human needs through other Christian centers, homes and hospitals.

Mission President – Mother Linda Butler

1) Know, not just Believe that you have been called: Believe in Yourself – Make sure that you are called and to which part of the ministry you have been called. This is something to pray about as you begin the process and you can begin the process while praying. Certainly, pray that God gives you confirmation, the ability, and the where with all to carry out what you believe that you have been called to do.

2) Preparation:  Find a Mentor – Scripture tells us that my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge and vision. This lets us know that while vision is important in the scheme of things it is also important to have the education and training behind you. Some ministry opportunities take months while others may take years. In addition to education there is a need for mentorship. Mentorship is an important part of the process. Mentorship offers Godly advice and prayer support for you. Be sure you find or have the Pastor select a mentor for you as part of the educational process. On the job training gives valuable experience but it also lets people know that you are a willing worker.

3) Building a Support Team: Build Prayer Partners – Behind all good and stable ministries is a team of people willing and called to pray for the ministry. This takes time to build. However, the larger the number of your prayer partners, the larger your outreach will be. It is where the battles begin. It is where the Spiritual warfare is done. Your prayer support team is as important, if not more important than the rest of these steps.

4) Funding: Be Jubilant in Fundraising Efforts: – Funding is a major concern to all that are in ministry. One would like to think that the funds will just be there when needed, but funding is much like finding people that are willing to pray for you ministry. It is difficult to go forward without prayer or funding. Although there are a few ministries that have taken off quickly, the majority struggle with how to raise enough funds to match the need, especially if that ministry is attempting to raise funds for projects like feeding the hungry or helping provide shelter. These are costs above your cost of operation and should be looked at closely.

Goals of the ministry

Membership Drive:  Although the mission involves everyone in the church we need the encouragement from everyone to participate in missionary activities. A call to work for the mission of the church will be the first order of business.  Combining efforts with other auxiliaries will help in this endeavor.

Agape Circles:  Various groups of prayer warriors will connect and offer prayer to each other and for members in the church, the sick and shut-in.  In support of the Pastor and from his direction, they can be called upon to talk to people who need an encouraging word.

Religious training:  the missionary department will participate in monthly bible study and support ongoing SILK training

Volunteer Program:  The mission department will work with the youth and young adults in establishing and monitoring an outreach volunteer program.

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Service Times & Directions

Sunday Schedule

New Members Class: 9:00 am (1st Sunday as announced)

Sunday School: 9:30 am

Sunday Morning Worship: 11:00 am

Casual Sunday: 3rd Sunday of the month

Weekday Schedule

Wednesday Prayer Meeting: 6:30 pm

Wednesday Bible Study: 7:00 pm

Board of Deacons Meeting: 7:00 pm (2nd Friday of the month)

Young Women's Ministry: 5:30 pm (3rd Friday of the month)

Mature Women's Ministry: 7:00 pm (3rd Friday of the month)

Saturday Schedule

Choir Rehearsal: 4:00 pm

Brotherhood Meeting: 8:30 am (1st Saturday of the month)

Usher Board Meeting: 1:00 pm (2nd Saturday of the month)

Youth Ministry Meeting: 1:00 pm (4th Friday of the month)

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5476 34th Street
Riverside, California 92509